DoDH - Monster Missions

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DoDH - Monster Missions

Post by Barudin » Sun Dec 10, 2017 7:57 am

Monster missions are when you shroud into specific monsters to complete a task. While the loot is not great some of them are kind of cute/fun. For example there is one where you become Nagafin + giants and defend yourself from a raid.

A Griffin's Plight (griffins in search of their eggs in the Commonlands)
Brownies of Doom (brownies "freeing" corrupt brownies in Lesser Faydark)
Brraaaaainss! (zombies raiding halflings in Rivervale)
Cage Kerafyrm (dragons in Eastern Wastes)
Dain Frostreaver the First (first Coldain in a series of three)
Dain Frostreaver the Second (second Coldain in a series of three)
Dain Frostreaver the Third (third Coldain in a series of three)
Defending the Caves (shadowmane werewolves defending caves against ragepaws?)
Defending the Grove (????)
Defending the Lair (Lord Nagafen and company take on players)
Grobb Under Siege (Frogloks raiding Grobb)
Infiltrating the Hive (illusioned as drachnids in the cocoons of the Hive)
Pickclaw's Revenge (Highpass guards take on goblins)
Progenitor (Sporalis take on Pickclaws in Runnyeye)
Queen Nok Nok's Tomb (faeries retrieving Queen's dust)
Rememberance (you play a sporali)
Revenge on Farsoth (gnolls take on elementals in Splitpaw)
Shadowmane Invasion (you play shadowmane werewolves)
Shiliskin Subterfuge (drachnids take on shiliskin in an Illsalin subzone)
Sporali Mind Meld (freemind sporalis in the Sporali Caverns)
Storming the Keep (goblins invade Highpass Keep)
The Accursed Book (shiliskins take on Hive drachnids)
The Dead's Claim (dark elves drive high elves out of Befallen)
The Fall of Illsalin (shiliskins defending against drachnids)
The Fall of the Shissar (iksars defeat shissar in The Overthere)
The Gnolls Know (????)
The Grozmok Stone (Morden Rasp, Nedaria and company in search of Grozmok Stone)
The Kejek Trials (Kejekans in Stonebrunt take on spiritlings, pandas and kobolds)The Poisoned Flounder (pirates look for loot in Freeport)
The Rescue of Vordak (Crushbone Orcs rescue one of their own)
The Revolt (undead frogloks take on Norrathians in Lower Guk)
Train! (undead froglok trains Norrathians out of Guk)
War Machines (clockwork gnomes rescue their own while killing goblins in Solusek's Eye)
Way of the Freemind (sporalis take on Deep orcs)
One Shall Rule Them All (iksars scouting giants and frogloks in Frontier Mountains)
To Raise the King
Zebuxoruk's Pact (iksars aiding Kotiz in a ritual in Kaesora)
Fall of an Empire (raid: dragons, frogloks, sarnaks raiding Sebilis)

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